Thursday, December 13, 2012


I should start this by saying I wrote a song. But that would be lying. Because, in true Shelby fashion, I merely...edited a song. I adapted it. 

Not really. I mean, I just switched a few lyrics around to express myself at this, the close of yet another year. It's crazy how fast time goes. Did you know Lizzie McGuire has been off air for nearly ten years? Oh, and she's a mom now--the actress. Plus the Suite Life twins are 20 years old. And Shrek came out over a DECADE ago. I mean, when someone says "a decade ago," I still think the '90s. 

Point is. My life is practically a quarter over. And, while that could be depressing, I've had a great year. Really. I'm finishing up school. I got a better, less-hell-like job where I even get paid more. I've made some of the best friends ever. My family's still amazing. And, oh yeah, I went TO LONDON. As in Europe. As in the best eight weeks of my life. And...I have a backpack to prove it. 

So, anyway, I was thinking about all that today (Facebook is really good at making you look back on your life; thanks for that "Year in Review," FB. You know me too well). And then I wrote this song. 

Again, I didn't write it. I revised it. With no malicious intent and no intent to profit off it either. So, copyright hounds, back off. 

Without further ado, my rhyme (almost). 

(In the style of Bright Eyes and their song "First Day of My Life, who reserve all rights)

This is the best year of my life
I swear everything all just went my way
I went out of my shell, suddenly everything changed
There were dreams I finally reached

I can’t believe the things I saw
I think I was bored before all of this
I can’t believe where I’ve been
But now I know who I am
I’m just not sure where I want to go

But there’s some things I finally know
That life can take forever;
It’s okay to take it slow.
I realized that I love it
And I doubt it will ever be more cool

Remember the time I flew all night
Just to spend some months in London
And then when I got home, I thought everything changed
I felt as if I’d just woke up.
And I said, “This is the best year of my life
I’m glad I didn’t die before I lived this
I met so many people, did so many things
I think I’ll always be happy

So I have never felt this free.
With life there is no telling;
I’ll just have to wait and see.
But I think it is so fun and pretty
And I’m glad I finally know me.
Besides maybe this time is perfect
I mean, I really think it could be. 

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