Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Time

You know when you get in the mood for a change? You just feel anxious and unsettled and unhappy and you feel like you have to get out, go somewhere, change something?

Well, I don't feel that at all. I am exceptionally happy. I feel supa' CHARGED UP. So much good has happened in my life and I'm simply thrilled. In all honesty. I don't know why this is coming across as sarcastic. Maybe it's the amount of periods. I'll throw in an exclamation point!

Nope. Didn't help. But, listen, I really am so happy, for a variety of lovely reasons.

One: My brother bought a puppy and named him T-Rex. He's the cutest thing. Really. I show pictures of him to everyone. Over and again.

Two: I have $7,900 in savings currently. Which is pretty fantastic. Sure, two grand is a student loan, but that leaves almost six grand made with the sweat and tears of moi. See? Hard work does pay.

Three: I am in my senior year of college. Yeah, this time next year I'll be prepping for graduation. Walking the walk, talking the talk. All that jazz. And, for those who doubt it, there really is nothing more satisfying than being able to say "I'm a senior." It's empowering.

Four: Though my brothers are gone (and I weep every night for them), Cait came back to Utah! And it's been so fun getting to see her so much. Her and her beautiful puppy. Also, with The Hunger Games coming out soon, guess who'll be my date? Ding a ling a ding dong!

And, five (which is what this post is all about): I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE LONDON STUDY ABROAD!!!! I posted this on facebook, so everyone who reads this should already know. But...I tried to pass it as my getting a mission call (really, it was a perfectly crafted announcement subtly satirizing the usual mission announcement without ever outright lying. Oh, the cleverness of me). Maybe there's still some confusion out there. So, to clarify, all that was very tongue-in-cheek. I am going to London to play, not to serve; to bask in its glory for six weeks or so, not 18 months. Imma goin' to merry ole london! Returning to the motherland! A dream is finally coming true!

But, it's all this goodness and all this change that has enthused me completely. Thus, I have come to announce--after such a long break--that I have moved. I created a new blog--one that will naturally allow me to share a new sort of adventure (those of an international sort). It is called "The Traveling Typist."  But it's not just a travel blog; it will function much like this one. Just..a new blog for a new chapter of my life. That of a more graceful sort of immaturity.

Follow me. Or I'll defame you. 

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