Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Move

Well, I got out of Carriage Cove. That's nice. And I moved to Regency, an all-girls apartment literally a block away from campus. But, wouldn't you know, the day I move closer to campus is the day I'm  late to work. Psch.

Still, it's been a wonderful thing, moving. My bed is a bajillion times more comfortable, also twice as high. On the other hand, my closet is twice as small. And I have six roommates. Well, only one roommate, but there's six girls to an apartment. Two baths. Not a big fridge, and the tiniest pantry. But I like it. A lot. Also, the managers gave me pizza last night, so they're cool.

Anyways. My room....

I have close to fifty movies, all proudly displayed across my desk. It makes me happy to see them there. Above this shelf is my Renoir painting, which you cannot see but which looks lovely. To the left is my picture of the savior (and in saying that I don't mean I have a literal snapshot of him, though that would be awesome). And then to my right is my Monet painting. It's also lovely. 

Then we have the shelf above my bed. It's pretty much my pride and joy. It holds my many, many beautiful books. The last time I counted, I think I have over sixty. I like about forty of them. Ha. But they're stacked so perfectly and asymmetrically, which to some might seem an oxymoron. Not to me. I love messy yet purposeful piles. And then there are my hodge-podged letters spelling "Create." It's meant to INSPIRE me, okay?? Plus it looks cool. Especially in person. 

And then the closet. Very tiny, ya? Oui. It's a miracle I fit all my clothes in there. Tightly, but they fit. And I have a nice cascade of shoes. You can't see, but under the hanging rack, I've stacked boxes like a staircase with my most lustrous shoes placed in order of beauty. Lovely.

And that's it. I like it. Even with all the stuff I have in here (remember this?), it doesn't look cluttered or messy; rather, it's very put together. Joy. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jinx Me Not

I'm scared to say this because my superstitious side might slap me in the face, but I can't resist.

I have a stunning $1,301.00 in my savings account. I know it's not that much and that most everyone reading this probably snorted at such a minuscule amount. But, listen--I've never had so much money that I know I won't be spending anytime soon. My last job, I probably had around two grand, but I had to spend it all. I lost it all (stupid college, housing, food, inability to budget well). Mostly because I didn't have a job to replenish it. But that wonderfully changed in January when I got the job of my dreams. And just in these...three/four-ish months, I have scraped all that from my part-time paychecks and put it dutifully away. And I swear on all I hold dear that I won't be spending it anytime soon. It's actual savings, not to be messed with for my shoe fetish or my love for Five Guys. It will sit around, getting a penny more a month (or whatever) until I can live my dream and go on a study abroad! ...I just better get financial aid. ...Hmm. But, hey, I'd probably get a loan for all that living-expenses crap before I touched my savings. Because I'm going on that study abroad. Only...$4,000 more to go.

Oh, and I got a raise. Wha' Wha', holla'!