Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And Now, a Message from our Sponsors:

Just kidding. I don't have sponsors. But it's in my future. I can feel it. After all, I do have nineteen--nine-freakin'-teen--followers. Yeah. I'm that good.

Anyways. Yesterday I went to the store. Melissa grudgingly took me. Grudgingly because it was Valentine's Day and she was hoping to make-out with her boyfriend.
Seriously, you should have seen their dramatic farewell 
when I asked her to take me to Macys. 
There was handholding, hugging, 
and then a slow--very slow--release, 
still watching each other as they walked away. 
Valentine's brings out the worst in people.

Just kidding. 

ANYWAYS. We got to the store and I needed (read: wanted) some sort of lip coloring-magic action. But I hate lip gloss because it's so sticky, and I can't wear lipstick because it tends to stain strangely on my odd-shaped lips (thanks, mom). So I turned to Melissa with a sigh and said, "I wish they had something in between a lipstick and a lip gloss. Like a hybrid." 
Not that she cared; she was texting her boyfriend 
that she'd been apart from for maybe five minutes. 

Well, just like a shiny Covergirl ad, I turned to settle for a lip gloss when I saw it. 
Introducing you to Wet 'n Wild's new Mega Last Long Wear Lip Color in a series of flattering colors so that your perfect shade is never far away. 

It was meant to be. It's a lip gloss on one end, for the easy, smooth color, and then a sealer lipstick for the lasting non-stickiness. It's probably the coolest thing in the world. It's everything I ever wanted. And it's fantastic--fan-freakin'-tastic--stuff. Like, that's the truth. 

And Melissa got her happily-ever-after too:
After such a long absence, she finally got to run off to her boyfriend.
I'm sure there were cherubs in her head
playing harps, lighting off fireworks as she fell into his arms
and. made. out. with. his. face. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have four midterms this week. yay.

I should be studying. Instead, I'm going to make cookies.

Then maybe those can sustain me while studying.

But doubtful.