Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, 2010

I guess this year's been good.
Sometimes depressing. 
A little unpredictable. 
Actually kinda boring.

But good. 
The highlights? I moved off campus. I did turn 19. Surprise. Melissa came home, Melissa moved next to me, Melissa lived with me. I had a job, I finished that job, I was once more without a job, but I just got yet another job that will hopefully last forever (well...not literally). Travis came home! I am still successfully unmarried. And, um...well...what else? I became bored with TV...I started working out...I hated school, I practically failed school...and.... Oh, ya--MY BROTHER GOT ENGAGED!!! She's pretty awesome.
This is them (Don't worry, awwing is natural). 

So what didn't happen? No boyfriend. Not for me anyways (melissa). And I have yet to be published. But I think I can live with that for now. Plus I have a few things up my sleeve--something to rock the world. Hopefully. And I am even more determined to just let life happen. 

2011 is going to be fabulous. For one, it is my TWENTIETH. A quarter of my life, finished and gone. I'll be able to say things like, "Teenagers are SO annoying" without everyone squealing "You're STILL a teenager!"  Really, my 19th year has dragged--and it's barely half-over. But, goals:
I'll take a road trip. Somewhere random. But awesome. 
I'll finish my world-class novel. 
I'll keep working out.
I'll read every book I own. Which is a lot now (I love christmas).
I'll be better at posting on my blog. 
I'll stop having catastrophic meltdowns and just trust that it will all be lovely.
I'll rock at my job regardless of the many nightmares I have had that tell me otherwise. 
I'll take a break from this awful thing called school. 

And maybe I'll even manage to snag a boyfriend. But that's hardly a goal. Also, I got me a new theme song. Thank you, OneRepublic:

Friday, December 10, 2010

In the Darkness

Yesterday pretty much sucked. All my classes were long and boring and exhausting and then the bus smelt like rotten eggs. And I knew no one would be home, which just added to the depression. But I was looking forward to just collapsing onto my bed (and watching Samantha Who!), so I open the door with a sigh, close it, lock it, situate myself to the darkness, readied my room key--
for a second, as I started walking, 
I wondered if this would be my depressing life forever.

And then I ran into the kitchen wall. 

Usually, I'm pretty good at sensing where I am in the dark. I don't like turning on lights--actually paying for utilities does that to you--so I've made the walk down the hall in the dark many a times. But I guess I took a wrong turn. And I just crashed into the wall. Full on, too. It's not like I saw it coming and pulled up short. No, I slammed into it; I wondered what the crap was keeping me from my room. ANd then I realized: it was a wall. That has always been there. So that's embarrassing.

But I laughed actually. Who wouldn't, right? I just plowed into a solid wall, a good two feet off my expected course. I rubbed my nose and chin and forehead and I was suddenly a little glad that nobody was home. And I'm sure heaven was getting a good laugh, watching that moment on playback again and again. I would.

I mean, I really ran into it.

God probably just wanted to slap the depression out of me. 
It worked.
I can't walk past the kitchen without giggling. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mad Gab

The other day, Melissa and I were shopping (don't ask for what, that is an illegal question this time of year) and we were going to the car and I was beating her with the roll of wrapping paper when she stops, throws her arms in the air, and shouts, "_______________!"

What I heard? "I need the Witch of White Birds."

Um. "Sorry," I say, "is that a book?"

"What? No," she sighs, exasperated and choking on a disbelieving laugh, "I said _______________."

What did she say for real, you ask?

Answer: I need the windshield wipers.

And just on the way home, I was struck with how FUNNY that is, just because it really does sound exactly like witchofwhitebirds. Seriously. Try it: windshieldwipers vs. witchofwhitebirds. Ya. Exactly.

It just blows my mind.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Counting

SIX more days of classes.
THIRTEEN more days till finals.
which I am not prepared for.
SEVENTEEN more days till I can be home.
which I may not be prepared for either, 
seeing as we'll be fighting over beds again.
TWENTY days till my little sister is suddenly 17.
** a slight pause to celebrate her...epicness. **
Three quotes I think of when you say "Laura":
1. "Inside the man, you find his...nucleus"
2. Twas, Twill, Twould.
3. "Please. Drink. My. Hot. Kool-aid."
I think this pretty much sums it up.
Anyways. Back to counting. 
TWENTY-FIVE more days till Christmas!
I don't know what to get anyone. Stupid picky people. 
And, most importantly, TWENTY-FOUR more days till Christmas Eve!!! which might be the best day ever.

[Here is where I would insert a picture from last christmas, but my family seems to be really bad at taking pictures.... Or we're just too distracted with the sparkly lights and piles of wrapping paper to bother with the hassle of pulling out a camera. So just imagine lots of smiling faces and awkward guffaw expressions.]

This will have to suffice. 
It's only a few of us, but it's Christmas. And it's family. And I love it.