Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am moving. To a new apartment. Outside of Heritage. Hallelujah. But, my room is a disaster zone. Nothing like packing it all up to realize how much you have.
Then, on my floor:
Yes. And Melissa thinks we can fit it all into one vehicle. Ha. 

It is important to note that, on the bed, the boxes are two deep. That's right. But I fit all my clothes into one bin, and all my kitchen stuff into one box (and two bags). The (awesome) collection of movies, my (fabulous) collection of books, my (great) array of crafts, some (okay) shoes, and.... Well, that's all I can account for. 

So maybe I am a (tiny) bit of a pack rack, but only of funky knickknacks and such. I am thus forgivable. And all this stuff is necessary. At least, from what I remember packing it is. 

Melissa just needs a bigger car. Or a U-haul.     

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Is My Life

THE other day, I went to the store to buy packaging tape, but I got distracted by the most beautiful, breathtaking thing. And now I covet.
This is a skirt by Downeast Outfitters aptly named "Breathtaking Beauty." Heck-freakin-yes. It is a pencil skirt, and yet it is so colorful, so flirty, Don't you agree? To make matters worse, as I was ogling over this, from the corner of my eye I saw the loveliest pair of shoes. And I just stood there, concocting the perfect outfit to make men swoon and girls glare with jealousy. 
Actually, do boys swoon?
But then, in a rush of depressing reality, I remembered I have no money. I have no job. And so I walked away. 
(Applaud me for such self control)
Yet, I could not let it go. So, here I am, professing it forever: my love for a skirt named Beauty. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am a Gleek. I love the music, the characters, the realness, the honesty, the humor. I love Sue and Schu and everything/one else. It would be an understatement saying that I was simply excited about tonight's episode. Returning after a seemingly-eternal haitus, Glee finally came back into my life. The preview's made it seem all peppy and romantic, with Schu and Emma's first date...and Rachel's awesome rendition of a song I really wish I could dance to without feeling judged.


For more drama, more plot, more whatever--the show went ahead and dashed all my happiness to pieces. First, Finn won't date Rachel. And she ends up with some {{INSERT BAD WORD}} just trying to use her. The truly horrifying part? Mr. Schu goes and makes out with Idina Minzel, who, though pretty cool, is definitely NOT as epic as Emma. Emma. I love Emma. And Mr. Schu just ruins it with some lame "inner searching" crap. And his ex-ish wife is of. the. devil.

Really, the best moment of the night--hand's down--goes to a lovely quote by the lovable blonde cheerleader:
"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"
Love it!
Therefore, I am hoping that there is still hope. After all, nothing was better than Sue in "Vogue." Genius. So, I remain--for now--as Gleek-ey as ever. 

P.S. What's with the pictures, you ask? I want to make my blog more appealing to the human eye. Supposedly, people are more willing to read when pictures are involved. That's why adult's reading rates go up when they have children--picture books. 

And I totally just made that up. Cuz I am that awesome. 

Inspiration, or Lack Thereof

THERE is a lack of inspiration in my life. 

I feel like doing something drastic. 

Maybe I will drop out of college, get a one-way ticket to Tuscany and spend the rest of life basking in the sunshine, seeped in the aroma of vineyards, writing and living off love and poetry. Everything carefree and romantic, it would be perfectly inspirational.

(I am pretty sure I am using these pics illegally.... But I got them off the WorldWideWeb, at So, support, and I won't feel so bad.)

That would be wonderful, wouldn't it? You would all be jealous. 

Too bad it will never happen. Reasons?

1. My mom would hunt me down, drag me back, and/or kill me. With good reason. After all, she is paying for the education in question. So either I would have to fake my death  or not post this so she wouldn't know where I've gone. Neither choice is very nice. 
2. I have no money. So, even if I got over there, I would quickly starve and die. If I was not first robbed/murdered/raped.
3. I would actually, probably, very likely, entirely possibly get bored.

So ix-nay on that ery-vay ad-bay lan-pay. I will just have to find some other way to inspire myself. 

I need a boyfriend. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cough, Cough*

I made Lemon Bars. They turned out terrible, but I still ate them. Hello, sugar. And, of course, I could not wait for them to cool--who does that? So, I cut off a small piece and, as I was talking to my buds, I put it my mouth. It was burning. And, it was covered in powdered sugar. Terrible, terrible combination. It is in my mouth, and first thing is, it is hot, so I kind of gasp, and the sugar is just sucked to the back of my throat and I start hacking. It was bad. And I tried to get the piece of burning-lemon-confectionary-dessert out of my mouth, but it was burning and it was everywhere and I was coughing and my friends were laughing and it was a huge mess.

WHEN I finally get everything out, I am still coughing--choking, dying, suffocating, all of the above--because this stubborn crumbly is lodged in the back of my throat. For the next ten minutes, I am making all sorts of throaty noises possible, just trying to get it out. And my friends stifled laughter was making me blush, so I went in the hallway, screeching and growling and everything. It was awful, and it was hilarious. At one point, I am standing in the kitchen, back arched, arms thrown back, neck stretched, and I am making some sort of intense rabid bear mating call (or something like it) and my roommate walks in. She takes one look at me, blinks, and says "Well, I came in at the wrong time."


THAT is my story.

ON another note, how should I do my hair? Straight bangs, swoop bangs? Short hair, same length? New color, old color, real color? I just don't know. My hairdresser had to go and move (Amber. Way to be.), so I would have to find/trust somebody new, and I would have to pay them with money that I don't really have. But I wanna do something, because it is a new term, new place, new people.... And I am bored of my present state of hair. So, maybe just a self color? Cherry Cola, yes? Yes. And if I keep straight bangs, I am capable of cutting them myself.... Still, my hair is an awkwardly long mess, and I just toss it into a ponytail every day.

SIGH. Why is life so hard?

AT least Glee is coming back. I don't think I have ever been so excited for something in my life. Here's to it being good.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Profanity Alert

TODAY, April 2, is my roommate's 20th birthday. To celebrate, we brought her into the kitchen at midnight, screamed Happy Birthday, and proceeded to have the best party ever. This is thanks to three things.

FIRST, we made Cake Waffles (or are they Waffle Cakes?). We poured funfetti cake batter into a waffle iron and let the magic happen. Only, the first one came out awful. We shredded it just trying to get it out. But then we just overgreased it and, magic-of-all-magicalness, it came out perfect. We served it up with three dollops of whipped cream and a substantial amount of hot fudge. Then we called Sarah in and sang the WORST/best rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever. Really, the world is either very lucky or unlucky since we did not record it. The latter, because it was truly awful; the former, because it also happened to be hilariously bad. It made Sarah cringe and say, "I hope we didn't wake up the neighbors."

SECOND, Sarah was dancing for us. She interpreted various animals' mating dances. Such as what a stink bug, a cat, or a whale might do to attract a mate. I thought the sloth dance was probably her best bet for enticing anyone.

THIRDLY and finally, Sydney said the funniest thing. I think people should stay up past midnight--they tend to be much more entertaining. I have to give Sydney a bit of a break, since she had 1) been working all night on a boring book and a terrible paper, and 2) she was all twitterpated and googly-eyed. But, none of that detracts from the HILARIOUSNESS of her most recent escapade into giggly hysterics.

SEE, this was just as we perfected the cake waffles. And Leslie said something completely unrelated to the birthday at hand. In response, Sydney shouted, "You just suck the fun out of everything!" We all laughed (slight inside joke), and she pressed on, yelling at the top of her lungs, "Fun Sucker!" Except...not. She inverted the first letters of each word, instead saying something...well, something rather BYU inappropriate. And it was hilarious. I burst out laughing, Laci choked on her food, Sarah sort of gasped and started to ROFL, Leslie stared bug-eyed, and Sydney collapsed onto the table in shame. We were all nearly crying from laughter, and Sydney was bright red, shaking her head in embarrassment, rushing away to compose herself. Sarah took on the motherly role, assuring Sydney that things like that always happened and it was alright. I took on the big brother role, mocking her endlessly for her slip-up, just staring at her, a laugh gleaming in my eyes. She couldn't even look at me without shaking her head and laughing. Every opportunity possible, I brought it up; every time, it just became more and more funny.

I can't get enough of it. And, no, Sydney, you will never live this down. Ever. It is even more infamous than your Viagra faux pas.

FUN sucker.

IT still makes me smile.