Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am obsessed with DIY home decor. Mostly because I am poor and the dream room of my very own apartment is far from attainable. But I am determined to have an awesome room. That is, if my contract ever comes. Because I need that contract.

FIRST, I became obsessed with flowers. It used to be the traditional gerber daisies and roses. But I have fallen in love with Lisanthus, Peonies, Ranunculus, and english roses. As well as a remaining love for roses. And spray roses. And the occasional zinnia. I just love those big, fragile, fluffy-looking flowers. So, one goal for my future room: a permanent bouquet of flowers. Bright. Colorful. Happy. Perfect. Then, I found this awesome craft website ( and they told me how to be all cool. I got this wicked sweet idea on how to make a fantabulous mirror. Look at this, will you.

IT pretty much makes me ecstatic.


I also want a crazy clock. Which, I discovered, actually tells time. I did not know this--I thought it was artsy freakiness. But, no, the numbers are in the correct position, just twisted a little. It too is awesome.

THEN there were ideas like paper lantern chandeliers or picture frames from embroidery hoops. Collages, photo boards--making a mirror a photo board. Using vases filled with colorful things as cool centerpieces. Framing random junk just to be mod. Curtains out of sheets, curtains with quotes. Fleece flowers, throw pillows, wallpapered tack boards.

I just love crafts now. And, just watch, my room will be awesome--for cheap, which makes it more awesome.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, Valentine

TONIGHT I was surprised by a call from the most wonderful Michelle. She told me she was coming over with Kim and asked, rather vaguely, if I would like to do something...something that "would make people happy." After assuring they were not putting me up for prostitution, I agreed. And they came to my door and made me smile. Michelle even gave me a valentine--with Nerds! She knows me so well.

THEN they told me they wanted to hand out valentines. To total strangers they just happened upon. So, of course we did it. They had a couple dozen to give out and we just wandered Heritage, handing them out to random people and laughing at the silliness and the euphoria that comes with doing a good deed. Most people looked at us like we were insane, but then they read the card and smiled and walked on.

PRETTY sure, their lives were changed.

AT one point, we went through the central building and Kim bounded up to the receptionist and gave the guy a valentine. He took it and tossed it aside, smiling wanly. We then decided he must have thought it was some sort of special ed group service project, with us being KIm's Best Buddies or something. Which was funny, considering.

BUT a truly great moment was when we gave two valentines to two guys who happened to be carrying--get this--a guitar, an accordion, and three hangers. I'm not sure what the hangers were for, but they asked if they could play a song for us. Um, yes, please.

THEY played a love song and it was pretty awesome. Especially when the one with the guitar had to lean heavily onto a car to play and the guy with an accordion told us not to look...because the stance was awkward or something. Only, not really. He was just leaning on a car. It was pretty funny.

WITH one valentine left, we knew we had to top the serenaders, so we went on the hunt for one, final worthy soul. And we found her at a crosswalk. She was bundled in her jacket, slouched in the cold, shuffling mindlessly on. Michelle skips to her and, in a bubbly voice, asks if she would like a valentine. The girl immediately broke into a grin and said, "Thank you! That just made my night!" Oh! Heart. They successfully changed a person's life, made a difference, etc.--what they had aimed to do in the first place. It was a perfect finish.

IT was rather happy. I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day before, but that was nice. Aside from being kind and warm-making, it also yielded some hilarious moments. Such as when Kim stood at the open window of a guy's dorm and shouted "Do you want a Valentine?" Obviously she forgot the implications of being a valentine. She was practically offering herself to whoever would take her. Which explained the strange look they all gave her.

OH, Kim. But it was a happy night and I'm glad they cared to invite me. It really was happy.

SO, Happy Valentine's Day. With or without a "Valentine," I hope you have some love and some smiles.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look What I Did!

THERE is this scholarship contest where you create a "picture" that somehow shows where you're going or what you want to do with your life--whatever. And, so, because I am poor, I entered. And this is what I came up with.

BECAUSE I am still fragile, I wouldn't mind nice comments, but mean ones will make me cry and that would be...mean.

ANYWAYS, it's a little random, but clever, I think.
[I am a bit proud, can you tell?]

ME likey.